Monday, July 14, 2014

Fellowship & Community

Well hello there! 

It's been a while. As for my life, lab work has been busy -- I've been getting in early! And summer has been sweet and wonderful! 

Jordan and I started training for a half-marathon which has actually been pretty fun. Lots of early mornings and treacherously long run weekends. But its good and a fun bonding experience for us. 

Earlier this month, we hosted a 4th of July party at our house which was lots of fun. We love being able to facilitate fellowship and connections between people in our church and community. It was actually pretty funny, because a year ago, we wanted to throw a 4th party but we seriously didn't have many friends yet, even though we had been in Bloomington almost a year already. 

It was pretty slow for us to really get connected because people our age in a college town are super transient, many of them in 2-year masters programs or finishing up longer degree programs. I think because of that, I've been pretty passionate about the importance of helping people get connected faster. Jordan and I have been pretty intentional about seeking out new young people who visit our join our church and getting them connected to the community. 

Last weekend, Ruth, a great Bloomington friend of mine, and I, were able to plan a social for young people from all different Christian fellowships in Bloomington. Since we live in such a small town, we felt like really being connected to other christians in our community meant reaching outside just the young people in our church. To be honest, I was half expecting 5 - 6 people to show up, including myself, Jordan and Ruth -- but the turnout was fantastic! We had probably about 20 people come and I saw many new faces, from different churches in our community. It was great to meet and connect with such wonderful people. 

It is great to see God's hand in providing fellowship not only for myself but also for others in our community. 

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Friday, June 13, 2014

An Update

Hi Friends --

I feel like I owe you an update on life -- honestly I haven't had too much inspiration to write lately -- which is pretty sad. Usually, I can't write well when I'm mentally preoccupied with too many other things. My current is excuse is my graduate work. In the fall I'll be taking my Prelim exam and defending my thesis proposal -- assuming all goes smoothly, my title will then be  "Ph.D candidate." That being said, I've been pretty busy in lab trying to get as much data as possible and really thinking about my project.

Other than that, we have been traveling basically every other weekend to attend weddings and graduations, which has been great, but really throwing off my weekly groove. This week I didn't unpack until Thursday, even though we got home the previous Sunday evening, and that's definitely against my principals.

Once things cool down, I plan to start posting more regularly...but until then the best I can promise is a sporadic post here and there.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm a Biologist

For my non-science readers,
consider this your intro into
molecular biology. This is how
the genetic code is able to make
a functioning organism. DNA
is the instructions, RNA is the
messenger and proteins both build
the cells and perform all the
functions inside your cells. This
is what I study :)  
As I approach the end of my 2nd year in grad school, I can't help but notice how much I've learned in biology. When I started out in school, I could only understand every other word at the seminars -- now I pretty much understand it all and can formulate my own opinion on people's research.

The other week I wrote probably one of the most challenging papers of my graduate career. The objective was basically to design a cancer therapeutic. And writing it, I pretty much felt like I had no idea what I was talking about, like I was just making things up. But when I got it back, I had gotten an A. And very positive feedback from my professors. Just that was a "wow moment". I had successfully proposed a cancer therapeutic, something I could never imagined having done two years ago.

Sure, I'm still working on building confidence, especially when giving presentations. But I think things are coming along...slowly...but I am definitely moving forward in becoming a scientist. I'm also learning about my strengths too -- I'm learning that even in biology, I truly enjoy writing -- synthesizing ideas and thinking about big picture concepts. I guess that's not surprising, I have plenty of practice here on this blog and I really do love writing...that's why you're reading this :)

So yeah, I'm starting to feel like I can say, "I'm a biologist" and not be just faking it.

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