Friday, December 14, 2012

These Words

I have a problem. I'm hopelessly trapped in my own mind. My scholarly, molecular biologist, critically analyzing mind.

On a daily basis I read papers; then I analyze them. I critically examine data. And it comes kind of naturally to me. That's why I'm a Ph.D student.

So, this blessing (as a scientist) is also a curse. My analyzing tendencies spill over into the other more normal parts of my life. Like watching TV shows. I always make sure that know what is going to happen, before it happens. And I tell Jordan which makes him annoyed because I ruined the ending.

And it spills over into my spiritual life. It's really hard for me to read God's word without dissecting it. I like to have commentaries and cross references. I like to take notes. I like to circle, underline, rewrite.

And then my time with God turns into another homework assignment. And I'm likely to push aside time in the Word because I just don't have the mental energy.

So the other day, I picked up my Bible and began reading in Isaiah. I had no intention of studying it, or even reading more than one chapter.  I just read a random chapter in the middle. Then I realized it was part of a bigger story. So I went back and read more, and more, and more.

And it wasn't like school-work type of reading. It was like walking through an art gallery or reading poetry. Simply beautiful in form.

I let the beauty of the story capture my heart. The world in darkness waiting in anticipation for the Savior. That part was powerful. I could feel it. I could feel the anticipation.

I want to be romanced daily by the Word of God.

Words from the one who created Words. From the God whose spoken Word brought all creation into being. Powerful Words. Lovely Words.

May those Words being written on my heart and mind. Written on my life. Bringing me to Worship.



  1. "I want to be romanced daily by the Word of God." Love that! So beautiful and wonderful =)